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Homelessness in Singapore

Compared with many other countries, Singapore prides itself on its high home ownership rate and prevalence of public housing. Yet, as one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, we nevertheless have a population of homeless people that sleep rough every night. In this infographic, CAPE sheds light on this group […]

Does Budget 2021 Adequately Address the Needs of Low-Income Groups?

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What is the Singapore Budget?

In this infographic, CAPE delves into a quick Budget 101 crash-course, with the hope of helping you stay informed about this crucial event. References Parliament of Singapore. “From the Chair | The Budget Process” <https://www.parliament.gov.sg/newsroom/speaker%27s-blog/details/the-budget-process> Yuen Sin (The Straits Times, Feb 20, 2018), “Singapore Budget 2018: Stress on prudence as ministries’ budget growth cap is […]

Spotlighting Activism: Speakers’ Corner

In the first ever issue of CAPE’s Spotlighting Activism project, we take a closer look at Singapore’s very own Speakers’ Corner. As our uniquely designated “free speech” area, what are its roles, strengths, and limitations in airing citizens’ views and fostering democracy? By exploring its history and development, and the many ways it has been […]