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Setting up a non-profit

Let’s say you want to create a non-profit organisation to further a certain social goal. Should you start a society or a charity? In this resource, we explore the differences between a society and a charity and compare the benefits of starting either type of organisation and tell you on how to register for both […]

Political Crowdfunding & Debating Inequality

This week we bring a curation of information regarding the ongoing AHTC lawsuit, to which Singaporeans contributed over $1 million in the Worker’s Party leaders’ crowdfunding campaign! Coverage on the hawker issue continues as social enterprises come under more fire, while the debate over meritocracy and inequality has definitely been brought back to the forefront […]

Succession planning, cyber-security lapses, new NMPs, and the latest developments on 377A and deliberate online falsehoods

Section 377A continues to dominate the public sphere, while the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods finally delivered its findings and recommendations to the government. Meanwhile the Committee of Inquiry convened for the SingHealth cyber-attack has revealed some alarming lapses with regards to cybersecurity. We summarise these issues and more in this week’s newsletter, and […]

Appeals, Repeals and Foreign Intervention

We’re back with another edition of CAPE Curator! It’s been an exciting few weeks – from accusations of traitors, to a sudden re-emergence of the debate over Section 377A of the Penal Code, we’ve summarised these hot issues below. Intrigued? Sign up for our regular newsletter at https://mailchi.mp/3beee6c63a66/cape-curator _______________________________________________________________ Traitorgate Five ‘non-governmental’ Singaporean individuals met […]

Academics Rage Against the Machine

If you would like to receive these newsletters directly, sign up at https://mailchi.mp/3beee6c63a66/cape-curator 🙂 ________________________________________________________________ High Court dismisses Li Shengwu’s application challenging AGC’s order to serve papers outside Singapore The High Court dismissed an application by PM Lee Hsien Loong’s nephew, Li Shengwu, to challenge an court order allowing the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) to serve […]

Apologies, Fake News and Turtles

We’re back with another issue of CAPE News Aggregator! This week, amongst many other things, we look at how politicians can play their role unapologetically, and updates to the Fake News legislation. If you would like to receive these newsletters directly, sign up at https://mailchi.mp/3beee6c63a66/cape-curator 🙂 ________________________________________________________________ To apologise or not to apologise, that is […]