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Data Leaks, New Laws, & Jail over a Skype Call

It’s been an eventful few weeks with the HIV data leak affecting thousands of Singaporeans with HIV, announcements of sweeping changes to the penal code, new laws and amendments being considered, and election campaigns being kicked off. Amidst the flurry of news, do watch out for our next issue – the Budget Special, in which […]

Day-Off Movement for Foreign Domestic Workers

Singapore has faced criticism of the inadequate protection of labour rights of its large populations of migrant workers – a significant demographic of whom are foreign domestic workers. The movement, which sought to legislate a mandatory day-off per week for foreign domestic workers succeeded in mobilising public and political support, contributing to the inclusion of […]

Movement to Decriminalise Suicide

Singapore one of only a handful countries in the world that still criminalises attempted suicide. This has broad effects upon the stigmatisation of suicide and the willingness of people with suicidal behaviour in seeking treatment. The movement to decriminalise attempted suicide is nearing success as of February 2019, with Parliament proposing its decriminalisation in the […]

Movement to Repeal Marital Immunity for Rape

Until 2007, Singapore’s Penal Code provided legal immunity to marital rape. In 2007, marital rape was criminalised under specific circumstances. The movement sought to fully repeal marital immunity for rape, and has nearly succeeded as of February 2019, when Parliament proposed its full repeal in the Criminal Law Reform Bill.

2019 New Years’ Round Up

A happy Lunar New Year to all who celebrate it, there’s a gap we ought to fill since we last released an issue of the CAPE Curator in November 2018. Due to us having exams and vacation breaks, we did not have the capacity to provide summaries uninterrupted. Unlike us however, politics doesn’t take a […]

Budget 101 Slides

On 10 Jan, CAPE hosted a Budget 101 session with Member of Parliament Louis Ng and his team of Legislative Assistants. The info slides on the parliamentary budget process can be found below! For more resources on civic affairs and political processes, check out CAPE’s main resource portal here!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Parliamentary Petitions

2018 has been a year of online petitions, whether to repeal or keep Section 377A or to allow Ben Davis to defer his National Service. But did you know that there is also a formal petition process in parliament? Check out this handy resource on what parliamentary petitions are and how you can submit one as part of your advocacy […]

All you need to know about Meet-the-People Sessions

Have you been following the recent controversy between a Ready4Repealvolunteer and MP Lee Bee Wah? Ever wondered how MPS came about and what the role of an elected Member of Parliament entails? We have you covered here at CAPE with all you need to know about Meet-The-People Sessions! Read more about the controversy here:https://mothership.sg/2018/12/lee-bee-wah-377a/ CHECK OUT ALL OUR RESOURCES HERE!