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CAPE’s Pink Dot Reading List

As we mark the 11th anniversary of Pink Dot, CAPE puts together a collection of 11 essential reads on the LGBTQ experience in our sunny, closeted Singapore. In these 11 text, from the cold, hard steel of academic analysis to heartfelt poetic rumination, immerse yourself in an ode to the love, struggle, pain, loss, hope, […]

CAPE Essential Reads

Last Revised: 19 June 2019 CAPE presents a non-exhaustive master list of books, publications, and works on politics, activism, and civic affairs in Singapore. The works are categorised by themes and issues. Books in each category are ranked in order of their accessibility as an introduction to the issue/theme.   An Important Starting Point Politics […]

Press Freedom & Democracy Forum

On 26 April 2019, CAPE and The Octant organised the Press Freedom & Democracy forum with Cherian George (Professor of Media Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University), Kirsten Han (Editor-in-Chief of New Naratif), and Tess Bacalla (Executive Director of Southeast Asia Press Alliance). A crowded full-house, the session was moderated by Jiang Haolie (Year 2, […]

A Summary of the Fake News Bill

What exactly is being proposed in the anti-fake news bill? How does this compare with what other countries have legislated? How can we get our voices heard in Parliament? Find out in our infographic summary attached! _______________ Veteran journalist, Bertha Henson, has drafted a template that you can refer to in writing to your MP […]

Issue 2: Psychology and Framing

It is often easy to think that you can achieve your goals and change people’s minds simply on the strength of your arguments. When you are working towards a particular cause, or trying to seek redress for a type of injustice, why wouldn’t the most sound logical arguments or the best objective evidence convince your […]

Issue 1: Importance of Context

Every activist campaign is confronted by a strategic question: to be confrontational or cooperative. This can often become a divisive issue within movements, and indeed has seen many groups splinter, and even turned comrades into enemies. Being cooperative will generally seem more amenable to powerful interests and decision-makers, and therefore has a lower chance of […]

Judicial Review & Strategic Litigation

Curious to find out how the government’s exercise of its power can be checked? Or want to know how you can use litigation as an advocacy strategy to advance your social cause by launching a constitutional challenge? Check out our latest resource on judicial review and strategic litigation! Judicial review is the process by which […]