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Democracy is more than just Elections

Now that elections are over, can we stop talking about politics? No we shouldn’t, and we cannot be complacent. Building a democracy based on justice and equality is an ongoing civic process that we all have a part to play in. Let’s sustain our energies that have emerged this election into strengthening our democracy and […]

What type of voter are you? – A GE2020 Card Game

With 2.65 million Singaporeans hitting the ballot boxes on 10th July, find out what kind of voter are you in CAPE’s little card game (even though LKY say Singapore is not a game of cards)! Whether you are a #vto Check-and-Balance voter, or a proud and patriotic 69.9% #sheeple voter, or even a #BreadAndButter #NoKayaToast […]

What is a Parliamentary Supermajority?

Opposition parties have often stated their goals of challenging the ruling party’s Parliamentary Supermajority. What is a supermajority and why does it matter? CAPE explains in a quick voter education infographic. Here are other examples of Constitutional amendments over the years: In 1979, the Government amended the Constitution by introducing Article 128 which imposes various […]

To stream or not to stream – Parliamentary live broadcasts

In response to renewed calls for live parliamentary broadcasts by MPs and citizens, Grace Fu and her Press Secretary Michele Khoo reiterated the Government’s refusal to do so. As many reasons have been raised by both sides, CAPE has put together this handy resource that summarises the debate so far! P.S. Fun fact: In the […]

Migrant Deportability – Charanpal Bal

As debate rages over Singapore’s migrant labour Covid-19 crisis, CAPE delves deep into the theories and research done by our homegrown academics. Such research serves an important role in enlarging our ability to understand social issues while also informing better ways of rethinking and reforming policy. In our first issue of #BigIdeasExplained, CAPE analyses Dr. […]

Should we really be having elections now?

With a proposed Parliamentary bill for special COVID-19 electoral provisions, plentiful hints by the government, and a looming constitutional deadline, it appears that the #GeneralElections may be called soon. Despite concerns of heightened exposure for the period of the COVID-19 crisis, the Prime Minister has cited the need for a strong mandate amidst uncertainty of […]