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How to convince people to your point of view

Online arguments often degenerate into name-calling of “IB dogs”, “national traitors”, or “stupid idiot”, while physical discussions on local politics often leave both parties stomping away in fury, having failed to convince the other party on one’s point of view. On an individual level, the unhealthy inability to discuss and disagree on issues civilly raises […]

Resource on brownface, racism, and racial discourse

In the past week, Singapore has been ablazed with controversy and debate over the brownface Mediacorp ad campaign and the police investigation into the rap video response by Preetipls and Subhas. As a community of students concerned with Singapore’s civil democracy and racial discourse, we at CAPE are disappointed by the knee-jerk preference for censorship […]

CAPE’s Pink Dot Reading List

As we mark the 11th anniversary of Pink Dot, CAPE puts together a collection of 11 essential reads on the LGBTQ experience in our sunny, closeted Singapore. In these 11 text, from the cold, hard steel of academic analysis to heartfelt poetic rumination, immerse yourself in an ode to the love, struggle, pain, loss, hope, […]

CAPE Essential Reads

CAPE’s Master Reading List to Singapore Politics Last Revised: 19 June 2019 This is a non-exhaustive master list of books, publications, and works on politics, activism, and civic affairs in Singapore. The works are categorised by themes and issues. Noting how huge this list is, we have ranked books in each category in order of […]

Press Freedom & Democracy Forum

On 26 April 2019, CAPE and The Octant organised the Press Freedom & Democracy forum with Cherian George (Professor of Media Studies at Hong Kong Baptist University), Kirsten Han (Editor-in-Chief of New Naratif), and Tess Bacalla (Executive Director of Southeast Asia Press Alliance). A crowded full-house, the session was moderated by Jiang Haolie (Year 2, […]